Mobile machinery and commercial vehicles

We have versatile competence in different parts of mobile machinery, commercial vehicle and water-craft technology and long-term client relationships with several manufacturers.

Machinery and production technology

Finnsampo has a large selection of services for technical engineering for the branches of mechanical engineering and production technology. Our biggest client groups are manufacturers of machinery and equipment, production plants and equipment deliverers of production lines. We have solid professional competence brought by versatile experience in the engineering of machinery and equipment and in production technology. We serve our clients in industrial investment projects and product development projects, from individual projects to continuous product development.

Plants and process technology

Process industry assignments typically consist of process equipment engineering.

High technology

Finnsampo provides consultation and product development services which support the product development operation of high-growth technology companies. Our versatile competence helps our clients in matters relating to technical development of technical innovations and new technologies from the very beginning.

Our selection of services covers product development process from concept design to implementation, maintenance and life cycle assessment. Our special competence includes mechanical development of demanding technology solutions and engineering of necessary electrical and control technology. Our clients operate in the cleantech business and in the development of nanotechnology solutions.